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Crayons, Pastels, Pencils    
  Oil Pastels     

These high grade oil pastels feature smooth, even pigmentation and no hard spots or bubbles. They handle, blend, and clean easily.

Wholesale arts and frames oil pastels do not readily break and can be used on virtually any surface. They're ideal for quick sketching and most other uses.

Individual pastels are paper-wrapped and measure  3" long x 1/2" diameter.

These water-resistant crayons are soft and easy to work with. They feature exceptional covering power, excellent lightfastness, and are great for underpainting.

Their hardness allows them to be sharpened more easily for detail.
Crayons are soluble in mineral spirits for wash techniques.

Each stick is  3.5"  long X 3/8" in diameter ,24 colors/Box.

  Colored Pencil    

Ideal for drawing, illustrating, and coloring, these richly colored pencils feature highly  balanced shades for superior blending. Long lasting, thick  pastel based , encased in lacquered elm wood casings. For easy identification, the exterior of each pencil is colored to match the core and the color name is printed on both ends.
These pre-sharpened pencils feature:

Smooth color lay-down Highly pigmented, fade-resistant pastels.

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Product's Name: Oil Pastel
Item No: YHB002
Material: Mixed olefin and oil
Product's Name: Crayons
Item No: LB001
Material: Olefin
Product's Name: Colored Pencil
Item No: CB001
Material: Wood
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  Price List    
Item # Description Price
YHB002 Oil Pastel  - Hexagon,3" X 1/2" ,12 pcs/Box $ 3.60
LB001 Crayon -  3.5" X 3/8" ,24 pcs/Box $ 3.30
CB001 Colored Pencil  - 6" X 3/8" ,12 pcs/Box $ 3.00
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